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BS Major • Minor

Social Services

Develop the competencies to meet the needs of people and communities

Serving people is practical as well as spiritual. God asks us to take the time to understand the environments and systems that affect people and learn how to best serve them and their communities. Geneva's social services program educates you about the issues and strategies you will need to know to become a capable servant and compassionate professional.

Geneva prepares you to make a meaningful impact in your career, community and life.

Understand Human Systems

Interact effectively with individuals, families, and communities

Theory, Practice & Personal

Master social service knowledge, skills, and characteristics needed to work in the field

Christian Perspective

on human behavior, focusing on humans as image-bearers of God

Cultural Competencies

Learn to serve diverse populations, including the vulnerable, underserved, and at-risk

Key Courses

Social Services: Foundations & Calling

Develop the groundwork for a successful career in social services as you discuss the field’s basic principles in light of your personal calling

Social Welfare Agencies & Policies

Explore the history and policies of social agencies that work with special populations, such as the elderly, children, and those in poverty

Special Populations

Discuss the experiences of those at-risk to become future offenders or victims and learn how to biblically engage with these populations

Agency Field Experience

Put your passion for service into practice through supervised field experience within a social service agency

Experienced & Accomplished Faculty

The mission of the Department of Psychology and Social Services is to provide a learning environment that encourages and challenges students to master the content and skills needed to work with and to serve a diverse community of people in a variety of settings. This is achieved by integrating and assessing the disciplines of psychology, social services, criminal justice, and biopsychology from a biblical worldview.

The strength of Geneva’s social services program lies in the integration of the biblical perspective with classical and modern theoretical positions, as well as practical approaches. Students experience application of behavioral, cognitive, and social concepts that are personally rewarding, and the program provides a rich variety of classroom, laboratory and field experience. Students receive practical research and field experience under the guidance of faculty members with a wealth of professional experience.

The learning objectives for social services majors are: 

  1. Students will articulate an understanding of the interactive nature of human systems, within micro, mezzo, and macro levels of social services.
  2. Students will recognize human diversity issues, and students will be able to articulate sociocultural concepts and models used to explain and/or address human diversity issues, within a Christian worldview.
  3. Students will demonstrate an understanding of human services theory, practice, and personal characteristics indicative of an entry level social services worker.
  4. Students will have a clear understanding of calling and vocation for themselves and have a plan for pursuing their calling.

Career Outcomes

Graduates who aspire to have an impact in their communities and their careers through a Geneva Education gain expertise in this field enhanced by academics rooted in Christian values and ethics in Geneva’s program.


The BLS projects substance abuse/behavioral counseling to grow by 23% from 2020 to 2030


of Human Services majors graduate with a minimum of 360 hours field experience

"Faith is really important—we work with people who are at their breaking point, people who are really struggling. Our faith is what we hold on to." Kathryn, social services grad

Be prepared for careers such as...

  • Adoption Case Worker
  • Child Protective Services Worker
  • Mental Health/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Case Manager
  • Client Advocate
  • Senior Services Worker

Further your impact...

  • Pursue a master’s in social work or counseling
  • Work within family-based services such as child protective services, foster care, and adoption
  • Work as a case manager in behavioral health

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